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The Detroit Cast has made it this far with a lot of people’s help, and we are not too proud to ask for more!

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The Detroit Cast provides a great new way for businesses to reach a loyal and diverse audience. Please consider whether your business or someone you know might benefit from advertising through the show. We can offer a variety of ad packages that fit your promotion strategy. Contact Jay for more information.

The TDC Bookstore

You’ve heard us interview many authors about interesting books. Check out our bookstore, which provides book summaries and easy links to our Amazon affiliate site where you can purchase said book titles.  You’ll also find links to each interview, if you’d like to listen again or share.

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Buy some TDC gear. Shirts, hats, etc. You’ll look like a pimp and help us get the word out. This stuff makes great gifts. Watch for our seasonal, limited-time-only merchandise.


Going to an event and want to help spread the word about the show? Download the attached flyer, print, and pass out. It’s as simple as that.


Please take a minute and hit the registration area of the website. It may seem like a pain in the ass, but it really helps us. Demographic information that you provide is hugely important to help us understand who is listening and to provide to potential advertisers.

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