Mike Wolters

Mike started in terrestrial radio back in 1995 as an un-paid intern on the Drew and Mike morning show at WRIF in Detroit. After about 9 months, he left and headed to Lansing, MI to co-host the Mike and Mike show at 92.1 The Edge. Shortly thereafter he was teamed up with Dave The Beagle and the Mike and The Beagle Show was born. After being fired from that show, Mike and The Beagle moved on to Kalamazoo, MI and landed at 92.3 The Edge.

After almost a year of around the clock drinking, The Edge went off the air and Mike was out of work again. It was at this time that Mike went home to Metro Detroit and teamed back up with Detroit’s #1 morning show on Drew and Mike. Working full-time with some of the best people to ever do morning radio, Drew Lane, Mike Clark, Trudi Daniels and Marc Fellhauer, was an honor and made for one of the greatest jobs someone could dream of. The Drew and Mike show held its ratings right up until the very last show on the WRIF airwaves. Anybody who was lucky enough to have a role in that show knows how great a time it was. But as we know, all good things eventually come to an end…

To find out more about the rest, read about The Detroit Cast.

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