Eric Fadie

[The following was drafted by Eric with the unfortunate assistance of spell-check.]

Eric Fadie or BIG E was fascinated with radio ever since he was a kid and always knew he wanted to work in it in some capacity. When his dad would take him to the auto show he would be more interested in watching the local radio stations broadcasting live then walking around and looking at the cars.

After High School Eric eventually decided that he would pursue a career in radio broadcasting. He then got a job and started saving up the money to pay for tuition. Eric enrolled in Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in October of 2005. During his time at Specs Howard he also was a promotional intern for Greater Media. While interning He also one night ran into WCSX DJ John O’Leary and was offered the opportunity to help out on his Saturday night show. It soon became a regular Saturday night thing that lasted until the end of his time at Specs Howard. Eric graduated from Specs Howard in June of 2006.

Once graduated from Specs Eric made the choice to forgo searching for a radio job right away to instead pursue a filming project he had been involved in with a group of friends that called themselves The Renegade Tube Team. Sadly that did not work out and then he once again turned his attention to his first passion Radio. Being out of Specs for a few years he knew he needed something fresh for his resume in order to get the attention of radio stations. He in a last dich effort messaged several radio stations on Facebook one of them being producer of The Drew and Mike show Mike Wolters. Mike was the only one to get back and soon Eric was again an intern at Greeter Media but this time for his radio hero’s the Drew and Mike morning show.

Eric’s internship for the Drew and Mike show for almost ended up lasting about a year and a half. During this time his strange and awkward personality eventually led him getting on the air on a regular basis. When his internship with Drew and Mike he finished up classes at Oakland Community College an earning his associates in broadcast communications and started sending out resumes for jobs in radio all over the country. Eventually he would except a board operator position at a small am/fm station in Holland, MI.

While there he ran the board for local high school and college sporting events as well as Sunday church services. After working there for a little over a year he received an opportunity from Mike Wolters to come back to the Detroit area and work on The Detroit Cast podcast.

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