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The Detroit Cast - Episode 1671
TDC Podcast topics - College Football Playoffs are set and Michigan plays TCU, Elon Musk follows thru with his promise to let us see behind the scenes at Twitter, ex-Twitter exec claims Musk is putting their lives in danger by releasing the Twitter files, Good Morning America hosts Amy Robach and TJ Holmes affair has been revealed and according to ABC insiders the two married hosts are now on leave, and email.

Episode 1670 December 1, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - we have royalty in studio with us as our pumpkin carving contest winners Will and Kate watch the show in studio, feds pay group $5 million to create software to turn people into anti-misinformation warriors, Netflix popular new series Wednesday by Tim Burton hit by racism claims, A not so Christmas story at the home made famous by the 1983 film A Christmas Story, lawsuit against school for putting in gender neutral bathroom without telling parents, University of Florida QB Jalen Kitna arrested, Ash Mathis go fund me, and email.

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Episode 1669 November 30, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - non-binary nuclear waste appointee Sam Brinton on leave from his job after stealing a womans bag at the airport, Qatar Airlines tells plus-size "model" to upgrade to first class or take her fat ass off the plane, Disney's new woke movie is a box office flop, new old Disney CEO Bob Iger is sorry for fighting Florida, woman sues Kraft foods because her mac-and-cheese takes longer to make than they claim, and email.

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Episode 1668 November 29, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Washington Post unearths photo of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones from 1957 and try to paint him as a racist, Bob Dylan gives bullshit apology for his fake autographed books scandal, father of gay nightclub "Club Q" shooting needs to not give interviews, CNN panel struggles with how to address non-binary Club Q shooter, narrative flips again as more context is added to the story about a man throwing bricks at the window of Manhattan gay bar, Elon Musk to start releasing internal Twitter discussions on Hunter Biden laptop story, and email.

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Episode 1667

TDC Podcast topics - Ash Mathis tribute with help from Eric Fadie.

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Episode 1666 November 23, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Walmart manager goes all shoot em up in the employee break room, narrative surrounding the Colorado gay night club shooter is falling apart, Idaho police need your help in figuring out who murdered 4 students, Atlanta agrees to pay family of Rashard Brooks a million dollars, lesbian writer comes to the defense of JK Rowling, the NHL panders to the trans community, Catholic Priest de-frocked for being a bad boy, and email.

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Episode 1665 November 22, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Thanksgiving week with Lions vs. Bills, can ESPN and other similar networks cut the mics after a black dude finishes their point since they refuse to stop talking all over each other, FIFA tells QATAR to stop banning fans from wearing all their gay propaganda gear like they promised, authorities to add hate charges to Club Q shooting suspects long list of charges, trans-identifying Jeopardy contestant Amy Schneider wins Tournament of Champions, Bob Dylan's new book has fake Dylan autograph, new college course called "The Problem of Whiteness", and email.

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