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The Detroit Cast - Episode 1635
TDC Podcast topics - the weekend, white comic fired from Carnival Cruise Line after saying the n-word multiple times on stage, FBI whistleblower talks of widespread disgust inside the bureau, Glenn Greenwald slams democratic politics as about criminalizing their opposition, FACT CHECK: did President Soup get lost on stage, Project Veritas ordered to pay $120,000 over 2016 sting operation, Gays Against Groomers gets banned by Pay Pal and Venmo while pro-pedophile group remains in good standing, Nascar driver punches opponent thru window, WWJ news anchor murdered at his home, and email.

Episode 1634 September 23, 2022

The Dumpster Fire, abortion, shit show topics - back issues, just as we started the show we found out we've been booted of Facebook for a month for violating their terms on hate speech, censorship from the platforms, trolls on social media, old radio days, Michigan football, Lions vs. Vikings and much more.

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Episode 1633 September 22, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Tim Allen gets Twitter mobbed after a stupid dad joke about President Soup, 41 yr old man hits teenager with his truck and kills him because he claims the boy was a "republican extremist", FDA warns people not to try a new internet challenge of cooking raw chicken with Nyquil, Central Park Karen loses lawsuit against her previous employer for wrongful termination, new video of Hunter Biden high and naked, President Soup gets lost and confused trying to exit a stage, US Air Force Academy blasted for holding woke diversity and inclusion summit, and email.

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Episode 1632 September 21, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Ron DeSantis gets sued by illegal immigrants, 2 people claim the $1.3 billion Mega Millions jackpot, former Detroit TV anchor Vic Faust caught on a hot mic during a commercial break berating his female co-host, Matt Walsh outs Vanderbilt's Pediatric Transgender Clinic as they speak about just how much money can be made off trans surgeries, de-transitioner Chloe Cole tells a terrifying story about her gender-affirming care, Lord Fauci called a flip flopping egomaniac in a new book by a former White House staffer, Space Force reveals their new song, family of little league player who fell out of top bunk and suffered terrible injuries sues Little League World Series and the furniture company that made the bunk beds, and email.

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Episode 1631 September 20, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Mike meets Aiden Hutchinson at the gas station, Vegas police investigating fan who smacked Kyler Murray, 49ers defensive lineman Arik Armstead claims Lions center Dan Skipper calls other players the n-word using the hard ER, Texas sheriff opens criminal investigation into Gov. Desantis's stunt of sending migrants to Martha's Vineyard, plane of migrants now being sent to President Soup's house, axe wielding man at Mcdonald's is released without bail, pussy flavored potato chips, Adam Levine addresses affair rumors, Pentagon launches probe into woke female diversity officer after she tweets negative stuff about white people, and email.

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Episode 1630 September 19, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Mike gets his epidural, the Queens funeral reminded us about the new King wanting to be a tampon for now Queen Camilla Parker Bowles, Martha's Vineyard residents have nothing but praise for their reaction to 50 migrants landing at their lily white island, NYC Mayor call busing migrants to sanctuary cities is an American crisis, Twitter mob comes after Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak, Star Wars actor John Boyega says he will only date black women, transgender school teacher with the biggest fake tits ever seen, trans care group quietly drops age guidelines for sex changes, and email.

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Episode 1629 September 16, 2022

Dumpster fire, abortion, shit show topics - Slappy Lions fans here, current state of radio, radio careers today, Martha's Vineyard melting down trying to deal with 50 immigrants, Go Fund Me allows campaign for Portland Antifa rioter charged with multiple violent felonies, and email.

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