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The Detroit Cast - Episode 1588
TDC Podcast topics - Big E's beard, balding men, pubic hair, Amy Zemple gets shadow banned on instagram for no reason at all, another liberal meltdown video, a letter to Amazon leadership demanding action be taken over Roe v Wade, Howard Stern bashes Clarence Thomas and threatens to run for President and says he'd do away with the Electoral College, so, we give a historical run down of how and why the Electoral College was created, we also play Howards N-word rant from his NYE show years ago, and email.

Episode 1587 June 27, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Our new site is up! is where to get our brand new merch and use all of our links, Beavis and Butthead do the Universe movie, desserts only for dinner, google searches on "how to move to Canada" spike by 850% after the SCOTUS opinion on Roe v. Wade, Green day's Billie Joe Armstrong says he's moving to Europe, is gay marriage next on the chopping block?, Liberal meltdown videos, SCOTUS makes ruling on coach who prayed at the 50 yard line after each game, will people who believe in God "just in case" he's real make it in to Heaven? and email.

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Episode 1586 June 23, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Roger Goodell lies in front of Congress about Dave Portnoy, black ex-Tesla employee rejects $15 million settlement for claims of racism, Jussie Smollett still lying to himself about hoax hate crime, Chasten Buttigieg throws tantrum about Lauren Boebert post honoring dads on fathers Day, and email.

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Episode 1585

TDC Podcast topics - T-Roy is back, Amber Heard is shopping at TJ Maxx and has no ability to pay the millions she owes to Johnny Depp, Bill Cosby found liable for sexual battery against accuser Judy Huth, in todays installment of 'fuck around and find out", a man tries to rob a gun store armed with a knife, Brooks Koepka defects from the PGA to join the Saudi LIV tour, update on Uvalde Texas police response and it gets worse everyday, California bill to prohibit arresting those loitering for prostitution sent to Gavin Newsome's desk, and email.

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Episode 1584 June 21, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Big E joins the show filling in for T-Roy today, Elon Musk's son comes out as transgender and disavows his father, Space X fires employees who blasted him in a company wide email demanding they distance themselves as a company from Elon Musk, giant black fist afro comb art display for juneteenth, Dave Chappelles says alma mater theatre won't be named after him after all, Jordan Peterson has a theory for why Disney/Pixar film Lightyear is a flop, article written by a fat chick blasts Hollywood for using skinny actresses in fat suits, and email.

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Episode 1583 June 20, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Marshall has an accident, Jan. 6 families don't want you to forget about their loved ones, FINA restricts biological males from elite swimming competitions, FIFA takes the opposite approach, Toy Story spinoff "Lightyear" hits theatres, fewer Americans believe in God these days, Disney bus driver busted for what else...sending nude pix of himself to what he thought was a child, and email.

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Episode 1582 June 16, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Women take forever to get ready, Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard juror speaks out, woman who found Ashley Bidens diary in a half way house is under FBI investigation for selling the diary, career criminal who murdered 2 LA cops should've never been out on the streets, bus driver who passed out at the wheel claims he didn't know the gummie bears he was eating were weed gummies, and email.

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