“Everybody Is Awful (Except You),” by Jim Florentine

The Detroit Cast spoke with Jim Florentine about his book “Everybody Is Awful (Except You),” journeying through Florentine’s formative years, a time filled with rebellion and horrible behavior, to the crazy early days of his career as a stand up comedian. Florentine recounts how he developed an obsession with pranks that morphed into his uniquely vigilante style of comedy and made him a legendary prank caller. Florentine excels at channeling the core rage we all feel at the seemingly small annoyances of life, including but not limited to moronic Facebook posts, and his fans love the cathartic experience of his ranting and raving. Acting as a de facto therapist, Florentine diagnoses awful behavior, shames awful people, and offers comedic takes on how to reclaim our lives from it all.

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