The Detroit Cast – #1496

Episode 1496

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On today's show, we discussed Winston Churchill Day, Gal Gadot's tone deaf comments on her "Imagine" song, Andy Cohen, Adam Sandler, and more!.

Episode Summary

TDC Discusses – Bert Kreisher’s plan to celebrate Winston Churchill day, Gal Gadot comments on her super cringy celebrity all-star “Imagine” sing-a-long, Andy Cohen unapologetic after drunken rant on CNN New Years Eve broadcast, Howard Stern threatens to run for office again, Rachel Nichols’ is officially done at ESPN, woman sells farts in a jar for $1000 each, Adam Sandler co-star Peter Dante goes off on hostess in Los Angeles over mask mandate, Trump cancels his Jan. 6th press conference, schools spent a lot of the money they received meant to help re-open schools safely on Critical Race Theory programs instead, email and more

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