The Detroit Cast – #1437

Episode 1437

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On today's show, we discussed the XFL, Kobe Bryant, Adam Sandler, and joe Biden.

Episode Summary

TDC discusses:  the new XFL kicks off its second run this weekend; Kobe Bryant’s chopper was just 100 feet and 12 seconds way from making it through the thick fog and surviving; CBS news chief calls attempts by Snoop Dogg and others to incite violence against Gayle King; Adam Sandler disses the Academy awards for his non nomination; Hollywood gender age gap exposed; Oscars rejects postpartum ad showing the issues of being a new mom;  Joe Biden mocks Buttigieg’s mayoral accomplishments in new ad; Indiana hospital named after a Jewish couple who donated $40 million suffers unfortunate signage malfunction that reads NAZI; Buddy’s pizza to join Door Dash.

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