The Detroit Cast – #1436

Episode 1436

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On today's show, we discussed Andre Drummond , President Donald Trump, Barnes and Noble , and Elizabeth Smart.

Episode Summary

TDC discusses: Andre Drummond says he had no heads up on trade to the  Cleveland Cavaliers;  President Donald Trump gives post Impeachment speech at the Prayer Breakfast and in the East Room of the White House;  An Arizona State University student is seen in a viral video yelling that we should slash Republicans throats after Trump was acquitted in the Impeachment trial;  Barnes and Noble is forced to scrap new series of books to mark Black History Month after outrage over changing famous literary covers characters to various minorities;  Megachurch pastor is placed on leave after allowing a volunteer with admitted obsessive sexual feelings for young children to work in unsupervised roles with children as a method of treatment and Elizabeth Smart reveals she was sexually assaulted on a Delta flight by a man who rubbed her inner thighs while she was sleeping.


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