The Detroit Cast – #1434

Episode 1434

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On today's show, we discussed Mark Dantonio, Joe Biden, Shannen Doherty, and Harvey Weinstein.

Episode Summary

TDC discusses:  T-Roy “almost” making it home from a Super Bowl party while having to pee the entire way home.  Michigan State Football coach Mark Dantonio retires after 13 seasons;  Michigan State University apologizes for gift shop display of dolls depicting black leaders hanging from a tree like rack;  Iowa caucus member demands to change her vote after she realizes Pete Buttigieg is gay;  Joe Biden faces down angry protesters who accuse him of groping in his first New Hampshire event since the Iowa caucus;  Shannen Doherty says she is dying of terminal stage 4 breast cancer and slams insurance company State Farm for how much she was awarded in her claim after her house being damaged from 2018 wildfires;  Harvey Weinstein rape accuser Jessica Mann says he consoled himself after his mothers death by masturbating in front of her and making her perform oral sex on him and claims his genitalia appeared deformed.

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