The Detroit Cast – #1382

Episode 1382

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On today's show, we discussed Brunchella, a SWAT shootout, fake doctor notes, an anti-vax mom, and more.

Episode Summary

TDC discusses: their weekends, including J. Chris Newberg coming to town; a JetBlue worker wearing a racist Halloween costume; Kanye church service attendees complaining about a ripoff Brunchella VIP breakfast plate; Michael Gaffney being charged after his partner died during sex; Warren De La Salle forfeiting a playoff game due to hazing; Spain having a gap in its sexual assault laws; a Colorado man getting screwed after a SWAT shootout destroyed his house; Belinda Fondren being accused of writing fake doctor’s notes for students; anti-vaxer Sarah Walker allegedly giving out chickenpox-laden lollipops; Samantha Mears being sentenced to 20 years after demanding sex at machete point; and, email.

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