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Episode 1364

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On today's show, we discussed Ellen DeGeneres, Elizabeth Warren, the "Dancing Baby" meme, a cheating job applicant, and more.

Episode Summary

TDC discusses: Ellen DeGeneres explaining her friendship with George W. Bush; a Penn State supporter complaining about a player’s dreadlocks; Elizabeth Warren standing by her claim that she was previously fired for being pregnant; the LaRouche PAC taking credit for the “eat the babies” rant at the AOC meet up; more details in the wayward dwarf story; Dr. Michael Ambrose recalling his popularization of the “Dancing Baby” meme; a Bangladeshi man shaving his wife’s head after finding a hair in his breakfast; a job applicant getting caught cheating in a Skype interview; and, email.

Here are links to the videos that we discussed during this episode:

Elizabeth Warren stump speech montage.

Rashida Talib gets ejected from Trump speech.

Dancing Baby meme.

Job applicant cheats in interview.

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