The Detroit Cast – #1262

Episode 1262

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On today's show, we discussed Russell Wilson, the crown of thorns, Landen Hoffmann, Cher, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  Russell Wilson becoming the highest paid tackle ball player; more details on the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, including efforts to save the crown of thorns and other artifacts and French billionaires pledging repair money; asshole Emmanuel Aranda being accused of tossing 5-year-old Landon Hoffmann off a Mall of America balcony; J Chris Newberg’s comedy album “Live!!! (And Let Dye)” hitting #1 on the Billboard Comedy Chart; Cher tweeting her agreement with conservative immigration policy and then trashing President Trump upon realizing her mistake; meteorologist Ella Dorsey receiving death threats after her local news station broke into Masters golf coverage; and, email.

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