The Detroit Cast – #1217

Episode 1217

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On today's show, we discussed Facebook, Joy Behar, college yearbooks, Monopoly, mongooses, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  the frustrations of Facebook and other social media; Whoopi Goldberg defending Liam Neeson; Joy Behar being reminded of an arguably offensive costume she wore; blackface and lynching photos being discovered in UNC’s 1979 yearbook; Elizabeth Warren digging a deeper hole on her Native American race claim; “This Day In History With Big E” — Monopoly edition; a mongoose pup playing dead when confronted by a large bird; the reading of post; and, email.

Here are links to the videos that we discussed during this episode:

Baby mongoose plays dead.

Dusty Baker’s kid interferes with baseball game.

Here’s the link to the Go Fund Me benefiting the family of Dan Lisinski. Please help if you can!

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