The Detroit Cast – #1207

Episode 1207

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On today's show, we discussed Nathan Sutherland, Nathan Phillips, Mariano Rivera, the NHL glow puck, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:¬† murse Nathaniel Sutherland being charged with impregnating the incapacitated Hacienda HealthCare patient; more statements from Nathan Phillips and Nick Sandmann about their interaction at the Lincoln Memorial and various celebrities deleting tweets about the incident; a letter from Victor Ansara responding to Big E’s apology letter about “the Red Robin incident”;¬†Mariano Rivera becoming the first player to be unanimously voted into the MLB Hall of Fame; NBC testing new statistical technology during this weekend’s NHL All-Star Game; and, email.

Here’s a link to the glow puck video that we discussed during this episode.

Here’s the link to our GoFundMe for studio upgrades. Thanks very much for your contributions.

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