The Detroit Cast – #1204

Episode 1204

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On today's show, we discussed Nathan Phillips, Buzzfeed, Maryann Rolle, Chris Hansen, Rudolph the puppy, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  the New Orleans Saints getting screwed by a no-call; Native American advocate Nathan Phillips describing a “mob mentality” among protesters at the Lincoln Memorial over the weekend; Buzzfeed defending its story about President Trump ordering Michael Cohen to lie to Congress; a petition calling for Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi to dump out of the Super Bowl halftime show; the Netflix documentary “The Bill Murray Stories”; Maryanne Rolle benefiting from a GoFundMe to help her recover from getting screwed by Fyre Fest; “To Catch a Predator” star Chris Hanson apparently falling on hard times; abandoned puppy Rudolph waking up after a vet tried to euthanize him; Boo, the former World’s Cutest dog, dying in his sleep; and, email.

Here’s a link to video of the protest at the Lincoln Memorial.

Here’a a link to our GoFundMe for studio improvements. Thanks to everyone who’s helped us out!

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