The Detroit Cast – #1202

Episode 1202

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On today's show, we interviewed actor David Koechner and discussed Nairobi terrorists, "Ghostbusters," and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  more details in the Jayme Closs kidnapping case, including abductor Jake Patterson’s obsession with roadkill; Islamist terrorists killing 14 in Nairobi, including American Jason Spindler who had survived 9/11; more details regarding the Gillette “toxic masculinity” ad, including other projects the makers have produced; a call with actor/comedian David Koechner about his roles as Champ Kind in “Anchorman,” Todd Packer on “The Office,” his days on SNL, and more; Jason Reitman resurrecting “Ghostbusters” with a new movie targeted for 2020; and, email.

Here’s a link to the Australian bra commercial that we discussed during this episode.

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