The Detroit Cast – #1195

Episode 1195

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On today's show, we discussed Bob Einstein, the Chinese lunar rover, Diedre Mengedoht, fish allergies, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  actor Bob Einstein dying at 76; domestic violence charges being dropped against NFL player Reuben Foster; a Chinese lunar rover successfully landing on the far side of the moon; a Parkland commission issuing findings on the school shooting; a local TV anchor horribly mispronouncing the name of fallen officer Diedre Mengedoht; a New Jersey boy dying of a fish allergy; a McDonald’s employee fighting back when a customer complains about a drinking straw; “This Day In History With Big E” — drinking straw edition; a Russian couple living with a pet mountain lion; and, email.

Here are links to the videos that we discussed during this episode:

Curb Your Enthusiasm” clip.

Mispronouncing “Diedre Mengedoht.”

McDonald’s fight.

Mountain lion living in apartment.

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