The Detroit Cast – #1180

Episode 1180

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On today's show, we discussed YouTube stars, Tawas Point Lighthouse, Chris Watts, Alfred Norwood, Jr., and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  more details on Sully H.W. Bush’s short relationship with the family; Secret Service agents fondly remembering the Bushes; Bill and Hillary Clinton appearing on a weird North American tour; the highest paid YouTube stars of 2018; Michigan taking applications for caretakers of Tawas Point Lighthouse; more details about Chris Watts murdering his family; reports that Kareem Hunt is suspected in another altercation; Urban Meyer announcing his retirement from OSU; Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson asking trolls to chill the fuck out; passerby Alfred Norwood, Jr., freaking out upon seeing a Clark Griswold dummy hanging from a house; Netflix announcing that “Friends” episodes will remain available in 2019; vegans offering animal-friendly alternative phrases for common sayings; Bryan Deneumostier getting jail time after tricking hetero dudes into gay sex; Abigail Finney speaking out after Donald Ward allegedly banged her under false pretenses; video of a Florida cop pushing a man out of the way of a spinning car; and, email.

Here are links to the videos that we discussed during this episode:

Ryan ToysReview.

Alfred Norwood helping Christmas dummy.

Cop whacked by spinning car.

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