The Detroit Cast – #1170

Episode 1170

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On today's show, we discussed wisdom teeth, Chipotle, Caren Turner, Maroon 5, raking forests, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  learning to be better men on International Men’s Day; Jay’s kid getting his wisdom teeth yanked and loving the gas; Chipotle rethinking discharging a manager who refused to prepare food for black customers unless they could prove they could pay for it; former Port Authority Commissioner Caren Turner acting like an asshole toward police officers impounding a friend’s car; Alex Smith’s nasty broken leg drawing comparisons to Joe Thiesmann’s famous injury and questions as to whether Colin Kaepernick will be called in for a workout; a petition urging Maroon 5 to drop out of the Super Bowl halftime show; Twitter trolling President Trump’s suggestion that California avoid wildfires by raking forests “like they do in Finland”; a dog proops being left by her family during the wildfire evacuation; an iPhone hack that allows easy scrolling in texts; a farting controversy clouding the Grand Slam of Darts competition; the reading of post; and, email.

Here are links to the videos that we discussed during this episode:

Chipotle manager requiring payment for food.

Caren Turner being a bitch to cops.

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