The Detroit Cast – #1123

Episode 1123

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On today's show, we discussed Henrik Zetterberg, Dorothy Carvello, Brian Egg, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  Aretha Franklin continuing her final tour, complete with wardrobe changes; convicted terrorist Ahmad Ajaj complaining that his prison food doesn’t conform to his strict religious beliefs; a 4-year-old Detroit girl being killed in an early-morning go-kart crash; Detroit Red Wings player Henrik Zetterberg likely retiring due to back issues; the Detroit Lions releasing Robert Ayers one day after signing him; former Atlantic Records A&R executive Dorothy Carvello writing a tell-all about the sex and drug-fueled music scene; San Francisco resident Brian Egg’s headless corpse being found stuffed in a fish tank; attempting to call Jerry from the Jacks to warn him about a potential Bay-area serial killer; a man arrested for masturbating in a Target parking; Julia Colque checking in as the world’s oldest person at nearly 118; the Air Guitar World Championships taking place in Finland; and, email.

Here is a link to the air guitar video that we discussed during this episode.

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