The Detroit Cast – #1089

Episode 1089

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On today's show, we discussed Brett Kavanaugh, Johnny Depp, Andiamo, A.J. Francis, Zhao Zewei, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  the Thailand cave boys being saved; President Trump choosing Brett Kavanaugh to fill Anthony Kennedy’s Supreme Court seat; the Women’s March issuing a pre-written press release opposing Kavanaugh; Green Day’s “American Idiot” climbing the U.K. charts in advance of President Trump’s European visit; George Clooney crashing his scooter in Italy; Johnny Depp being sued for punching someone on a movie set; Andiamo leaving Royal Oak and a war of words between the restaurant owner and mayor; New York Giants player A.J. Francis complaining that TSA inspectors spilled his mother’s ashes in his luggage; artist Bill Lyon receiving $107,000 in damages after an unattended 5-year-old toppled it; Zhao Zewei killing 9 school children via knife attack; and, email.

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