The Detroit Cast – #1085

Episode 1085

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On today's show, we discussed LeBron James, sea monkeys, Michael Cohen, ceremonial first pitches, Doran George, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  the World Cup; LeBron James agreeing to terms with the L.A. Lakers; Dan Gilbert reacting to James’ decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers; washed up Andy Dick being charged with sexual battery; the Capital Gazette shooter’s stalking victim speaking out; the FBI foiling a July 4th terror plot in Cleveland; Manny needing to replace 3 dead sea monkeys, stat; President Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen giving an interview to ABC; “hero” dog Todd getting bitten while protecting his human from a rattlesnake; Best Buy phasing out CDs, but continuing to sell vinyl; a shitty ceremonial first pitch at a Cardinals/Braves game; social justice warriors taking out Peter Alexander Sleepwear over its “Boys Will Be Boys” shirt; James Metzer allegedly hypnotizing his young female students and forcing them to call him “master”; UCLA professor Doran George dying during a “mummification” bondage ritual; and, Germaine Mobley suing a Chinese buffet, claiming “fried rice syndrome.”

Here is the link to the ceremonial first pitch that we discussed during this episode.

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