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Episode 1079

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On today's show, we discussed Al Jean, gay pride, Pedro Ruiz, Charles Krauthammer, Dajerria Becton, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:¬† the death of Al Jean, owner of the famed Jean’s Hardware; a call with Big E and Jerry from the San Francisco Pride Parade; Zsa Zsa, an English bulldog, winning the Ugliest Dog Contest; evidence that Rafaela Vasquez, the driver of the autonomous car that killed a pedestrian, was watching “The Voice” when she should have been attentively observing the path of the car; a video showing the fateful moments before Monalisa Perez shot her boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz, in a stupid YouTube stunt;¬†conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer dying of cancer; a Mississippi woman crashing her car into a gas station, narrowly avoiding certain death; revisiting the old dude who drove his car through a car wash then parked it like a boss; a Chinese woman destroying a Ferrari 458 mere minutes after renting it; Dajerria Becton being awarded $148,000 after being slammed to the ground by a Texas cop at a pool party; the reading of post; and, email.

Here are links to the videos that we discussed during this episode:

Autonomous Uber hits pedestrian.

Volvo auto brake system fail.

Pedro Ruiz explaining his crazy YouTube stunt.

Woman crashing into gas station.

Man speeding through car wash.

Woman destroying a rented Ferrari.

Overzealous cop pinning down Dajerria Becton.

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