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Episode 1078

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On today's show, we discussed Burger King, Antwon Rose; the Phillie Phanatic, Ferris wheels, Ferraris, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  Burger King apologizing for an offensive World-Cup-inspired offer; an English woman texting some creative World Cup commentary to her boyfriend; Ferndale police searching for a Big-E-looking dude who exposed himself and whacked off in public; convicted killer Kelly Cochran possibly serving an ex-lover’s remains at a neighborhood barbecue; Tim Leuliette being the latest CEO to get a fat payout on his way out the door; video showing an East Pittsburgh police officer shooting 17-year-old Antwon Rose in the back; future “A Star Wars Story” spinoffs being put on hold after “Solo” underperforms; the Phillie Phanatic shooting an old lady fan in the face with a hot dog gun; MLB umpire Dutch Rennert, famous for his energetic strikeout calls, dying at 88; a bear trying to open a gate and getting whacked in the nuts; “This Day In History With Big E” — Ferris wheel edition; Muhammad Ali’s Michigan estate being put on the market; a 1962 Ferrari expecting to fetch $42 million at auction; Robert Plant reacting to the 8-year-old drummer playing “Good Times Bad Times”; and, email.

Here are links to the videos that we discussed during this episode:

Cop shooting Antwon Rose.

Reporter changing his delivery when interrupted by bugs.

Dutch Rennert‘s animated strikeout call.

Bear gets wailed in the nuts.

Robert Plant reacting to wee drummer.

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