The Detroit Cast – #1069

Episode 1069

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On today's show, we discussed Anthony Bourdain, Cindy Sanchez, Justify, Shizuki Matsuki, Jemele Hill, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  K-Dogg returning for a show while awaiting the birth of his possibly black kid; Anthony Bourdain, star of CNN’s “Parts Unknown,” committing suicide while on location in France; Kate Spade handbag sales soaring in the wake of her suicide; Kim Jong-un arriving in Singapore for his historic summit with President Trump; Charlie Rose being invited to attend an exclusive mogul retreat despite allegations of repeated sexual harassment; 15-year-old Cindy Sanchez rolling an SUV, killing three of her friends; Justify winning Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown with jockey Mike Smith stapled to his back; a chick flashing the Washington Capitals while they skated with the Stanley Cup; a husband and wife being killed upon crashing their car leaving their son’s funeral; Shizuka Matsuki being killed by a 12-foot alligator/dinosaur; ESPN’s Jemele Hill having a Mumford High School auditorium named after her; and, email.

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