The Detroit Cast – #1054

Episode 1054

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On today's show, we discussed Mike Wolters, sports betting, evil dachshunds, an old safe, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  Mike’s current shitty physical state; a call with friend-of-the-show Doost for a diagnosis and treatment plan for Mike; the airing of grievances, including complaints about unmarked road construction and threat-based robocalls; the Szott Ford “Makeout with a Mustang” contest going strong more than 2 days in; the U.S. Supreme Court opening the door to sports betting in all states; more details in the Warren truck heist, involving crooks brazenly driving off with 10 just-off-the-line Dodge Ram pickups; recalling Jay’s brother’s green Gideon bible; a pack of 7 evil dachshunds mauling an Oklahoma woman; an old rusted safe found in a Staten Island backyard, containing thousands in valuables; an update on Big E’s relationship with TCG and his Mother’s Day gift to Mrs. Fadie.


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