The Detroit Cast – #1036

Episode 1036

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On today's show, we discussed Michael Cohen, MSU, Backpage, Charlie Rose, Laurel Hubbard, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  the FBI raiding Michael Cohen’s home and office, leading to questions about Cohen’s and President Trump’s attorney-client privileged communications; a lawsuit claiming that 3 Michigan State basketball players raped a student and then MSU counselors tried to bury the issue; Backpage being shut down and its founders being charged with numerous prostitution-related charges; a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant bone-headedly mispronouncing “Flamenco”; a topless protester interrupting Bill Cosby’s entry into a Pennsylvania courthouse; Sean Hannity accepting Jimmy Kimmel’s apology, but warning that he will “punch back even harder” next time Kimmel goes after FLOTUS; the Washington Post being poised to release an expose of Charlie Rose and his womanizing ways; Kiwi transgender weightlifter Laurel (Gavin) Hubbard blowing out her (his) shoulder during a competition; the Boston Marathon okaying transgender runners, leading to Big E considering qualifying for Boston as a woman; Shelly McCullar sending her elementary-age son to school with a lewd McDonald’s parody shirt; a girl finding a head in a Texas park, leading to a questionable sketch artist rendering; and, email.

Here are the videos that we discussed during this episode:

Wheel of Fortune” fail.

Bill Cosby yelling “hey hey hey.”

Bill Cosby protester.

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