The Detroit Cast – #0162


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5 thoughts on “The Detroit Cast – #0162

  1. Great show today! Thank-you for keeping me up-to-date with the local/national/world news. I hate to admit it but some of those country versions of Motley Crüe weren’t too bad. Keep up the good work. Buy for now.

  2. Great shows! Please consider putting the links back in on the website…I am sure it takes a LOT of work, but it is SO appreciated…your website is part of my news browsing, I miss all the links to stories and such.

    Eric-did you eat paint chips as a kid? Jay should bring in his kids for a spelling bee with Eric, they would kill him! Then they could each beat his ass…

  3. Hey guys, love the show. I emailed a couple of months ago about how bad the show was without MIke. Well…I guess I was wrong. It’s still not the same without Clark but I couldn’t stay away after a short time I came back and started listening and you guys sound great!
    Jay is getting better and fits in really well and Eric does his part by making me feel really good about my life.
    Keep up the good work.


  4. Mike and Jay, my nephew Raymond from Michigan has been posting you guys on Facebook everyday, l didn’t really get interested in you two until listening a few times, and now I think I’m also hooked, really entertaining, just wanted to welcome you to your new found friend, in Huntsville, Alabama, Good Job….

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