The Detroit Cast – #992

Episode 992

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On today's show, we discussed Super Bowl LII, Justin Timberlake, Hitsville USA, Mike Hunt, Uma Thurman, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  Super Bowl LII and its surrounding hoopla, including the game, commercials, and Justin Timberlake halftime show; other weekend events, including Jay and Big E touring the Hitsville USA Motown Museum; another great Mike Masse’ gig at the Hamlin Pub; the much-anticipated release of the House Intelligence Committee FISA memo, describing the use of the Trump dossier in procuring a key surveillance warrant; allegations that a dude, unfortunately named, Mike Hunt was planning to kidnap singer Lana Del Rey and investigation into the origins of the word “cunt”; Uma Thurman telling the New York Times that Harvey Weinstein assaulted her and Quentin Tarantino forced her into an overly dangerous “Kill Bill” stunt; and, email.

Here are the Kevin Hart videos that we discussed during this episode.

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