The Detroit Cast – #949

Episode 949

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On today's show, we discussed "Pocahontas," Keith Olbermann, Angela Lansbury, Grammy nominees, Pepsi Lu, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  President Trump taking heat for mocking Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” during an intended tribute to Navajo military veterans; Keith Olbermann announcing that he’s retiring from political commentary; Angela Lansbury being criticized for suggesting that women’s appearance may be partly to blame for episodes of sexual harassment; “Access Hollywood” disputing Trump’s claim that the “grab ’em by the pussy” audio is a fake; the 2018 Grammy nominations noticeably missing several pop stars; the initial public offering of Royalty Flow, a startup that intends to buy parts of Eminem’s production royalties; AC/DC’s Malcolm Young being laid to rest in a less-than impressive coffin; Pepsi Lu, a Japanese woman promoting world peace by allowing strangers to squeeze her breasts; plans to finally demolish the Pontiac Silverdome; the reading of post; and, email.

Here are the videos that we discussed during this episode:

President Trump awkwardly joking about “Pocahontas.”

Keith Olbermann announcing that he’s quitting.

Pepsi Lu letting strangers grab her titties.

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