The Detroit Cast – #936

Episode 936

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On today's show, we discussed Stephen Willeford, Bono, Michael Arega, Dauntarius Williams, Hongwei Zang, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  the Detroit Lions putting themselves in a good position to make a run at the playoffs; more information about the First Baptist Church shooting, including details about hero Stephen Willeford shooting Devin Kelley and the Air Force failing to check a box that would have prevented Kelley from legally buying firearms; the “Paradise Papers” showing how companies move money to foreign tax havens; U2’s Bono being called out as a hypocrite after reports show that companies he’s involved in have taken great steps to avoid taxes; Harvey Weinstein using a team of spies to gather details about personal lives of actresses and journalists, who Weinstein feared would expose his history of sex assaults; people involved with Netflix’s production of “House of Cards” reporting that Kevin Spacey’s inappropriate on-set behavior with young males was no secret; the sister of Scott Ostrem claiming that his behavior and personality radically changed after a bad LSD trip 30 years prior to him gunning down Walmart customers; Michael Arega allegedly traveling to the White House to begin his quest to kill all white police officers; Dauntarius Williams apparently admitting to defacing his own car with racist graffiti in a Halloween prank that “got out of hand”; Hongwei Zang failing as a husband by crashing his car on the way to the hospital, causing his wife to give birth by herself in the backseat; the reading of post; and, email.

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