The Detroit Cast – #918

Episode 918

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On today's show, we discussed Ben Affleck, Stephen Schuck, Alec Baldwin, the California wildfires, Caitlan Coleman, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  the continuing meltdown of Harvey Weinstein and various Hollywood A-listers’ reaction to the scandal; the amazing comforts provided at ultra-rich rehab clinics; makeup artist Annamarie Tendler claiming that Ben Affleck grabbed her ass; Hillary Clinton saying that she will return Weinstein’s campaign donations in the form of her regular annual charitable donations; audio of Mandalay Bay maintenance worker Stephen Schuck warning staff that shots were being fired on the 32nd floor of the Las Vegas hotel several minutes before any police arrived; a fuming Alec Baldwin getting into another very public altercation with a New York motorist; the owners of the New Mexico home where “Breaking Bad” was filmed having to deal with annoying fans of the show; the northern California wildfires continuing to wreak havoc, claiming 23 lives with hundreds more currently missing; “This Day in History with Big E” — Three Blind Mice edition; the Taliban releasing Caitlan Coleman and her family after 5 years’ captivity; and, email.

Here are the videos we discussed during this episode:

The news report of the Stephen Schuck call to Mandalay Bay staff.

Alec Baldwin in argument on the street.

Hillary Clinton answers questions about Harvey Weinstein.


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