The Detroit Cast – #914

Episode 914

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On today's show, we discussed B1G Football, Vice President Pence, the Eurythmics, Harvey Weinstein, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  MSU beating UM, Jim Harbaugh’s post-game comments, and the state of B1G Football; Colin Kaepernick finally giving an interview (off camera) and then challenging the interviewer’s claim that Kaepernick said he would stand for the National Anthem if signed by another team; Vice President Pence leaving Lucas Oil Stadium after observing about 20 members of the San Francisco 49ers kneel during the anthem; about 90,000 Florida Gators fans belting out “I Won’t Back Down” to honor Gainesville native Tom Petty; a recent study showing that the NFL has dropped in popularity and that MLB is now the country’s favorite sport; more discussion of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations, including considering whether Bon Jovi, the J. Geils Band, and the Eurythmics deserve induction; the New York Times report that Hollywood exec Harvey Weinstein is a serial sexual harasser who has paid off accusers for decades; and, email.

Here is the video of Florida Gators fans singing that we discussed in this episode.

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