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Episode 911

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On today's show, we discussed Las Vegas, Tom Petty, semen-contaminated flutes, Johnathon Click, "Blade Runner," and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  Big E attending the Paul McCartney concert and critiquing Little Caesar’s Arena; more details about the Las Vegas shooting and the U.S. conundrum over gun control; Jimmy Kimmel choking up again during his show opening monologue as he calls for gun control; Haley Geftman-Gold getting axed by CBS after drafting a ridiculous anti-GOP tweet; Rock ‘n’ Roll legend Tom Petty suffering a major cardiac arrest and dying far too soon at 66 years of age; Chuck Low, who played Morrie in “Goodfellas,” dying at 89; California school officials warning that semen-contaminated flutes were handed out to children; Big E agreeing to taste-test a flute contaminated by Mike’s semen; Alabama pharmacy worker Johnathon Click getting caught swapping out cancer patients’ morphine for water; a plus-size woman getting fired from her bank job after she posted steamy topless photos of her with her boyfriend; “Blade Runner 2049” being set for release this weekend; the reading of post; and, email.

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