The Detroit Cast – #874

Episode 874

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On today's show, we discussed James Damore, Glen Campbell, North Korea, Michael Brown, Usher, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses: ┬ámore fallout surrounding Google’s firing of engineer James Damore and discussion of additional gender pay claims being lodged against Google; singer Glen Campbell dying at 81 after a battle with Alzheimer’s and after being immortalized on “The Simpsons”; North Korea continuing to pose a major problem as Kim Jong-Un declares he’s carefully considering a plan to level Guam; Ferguson, Missouri residents rebuilding Michael Brown memorials on the eve of the third anniversary of his death; revisiting the Michael Brown memorial tree and the dude who caught the shooting audio in the background of his online spank session; “Sweet Pie’s Would You Rather” – extra nipple and ear hair edition; Quantasia Sharpton responding to critics who are questioning the veracity of her allegations against Usher; and, email.

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