The Detroit Cast – #872

Episode 872

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On today's show, we discussed Gary Michael, Val Kilmer, Boy Scouts, hot car deaths, Frances Bean Cobain, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses: ┬áthe airing of grievances, including complaints about birthdays and ukulele music; a Missouri manhunt underway after the killing of a police officer during a traffic stop; more details about Aaron Carter’s current spiral into oblivion; Val Kilmer pulling out of events, leading many to speculate about additional health problems; revisiting the “Top Gun” volleyball scene; Silicon Valley diversity initiatives making headlines again as a Google software engineer posts a manifesto on the subject; 2 Texas Boy Scouts being killed during a boating accident and a Michigan scout averting death during a falling tree incident; several Michigan lighthouses going to auction at surprisingly affordable prices, causing TDC to consider rerouting some KickStarter funds; a message in a bottle washing up in Canada almost 30 years after a Detroit boy set it adrift; a 4-month-old Oklahoma girl found dead in a hot car after her Nana forgot to deliver her to daycare; Frances Bean Cobain in a legal battle with her ex-husband over a Kurt Cobain vintage guitar; a female Little League softball team getting disqualified after posting a picture of them flipping off an opposing team; the reading of post; and, email.

Here is the Aaron Carter video we discussed during this episode.

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