The Detroit Cast – #870

Episode 870

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On today's show, we discussed Jim Acosta, Adam Carolla, Kidd Creole, Lloyd's of London, Tom Brady, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses: ¬†an outrageous back and forth between CNN’s Jim Acosta and Senior White House Advisor Stephen Miller about immigration policy; Adam Carolla testifying before congress regarding American college students’ rejection of real debate on campuses under the guise of being offended; hip hop pioneer Kidd Creole arrested for shivving a homeless dude who Creole claims “dissed” him; Philando Castile’s jailed father fighting for part of the family’s $3 million settlement; Salvador Diaz-Garcia, in the U.S. under “Dreamer” status, being accused of a vicious rape; Lloyd’s of London refusing to pay on its policy with Kanye West after West cancelled a series of shows based on his mental breakdown; a claim out of Russia that a man impaled himself on a fence and cut off his own penoose to survive; Dreamland Wax Museum being widely mocked for a shit replica of Tom Brady; and, email.

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