The Detroit Cast – #839

Episode 839

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On today's show, we discussed Steve Scalise, James Hodgkinson, Jeff Sessions, Sandy Hook, Otto Warmbier, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses: ¬†Lawn Guy going silent and leaving Jay’s lawn’s turf depth hanging in the balance; the airing of grievances by all TDC members; James Hodgkinson allegedly shooting Congressman Steve Scalise and others during an early-morning baseball practice; Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ possible status as a Keebler Elf and his testimony that Russian collusion claims are lies; NBC execs holding crisis meetings over whether to pull Megyn Kelly’s interview of Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones; more details about Otto Warmbier’s imprisonment and release from North Korea; an inferno engulfing a London building and an incredible report that an infant was chucked to safety from 10 floors up; and, email.

Here are some videos we discussed in this episode:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ exchange with Senator Kamala Harris.

The towering inferno in London.

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