The Detroit Cast – #838

Episode 838

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On today's show, we discussed anti-Sharia protests, Dennis Rodman, Otto Warmbier, Adam West, Tiger Woods, Jeffrey Mann, Alex Jones, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses: ┬áMike heroically battling a bout of the flu; Jay attending Peerless Steel’s annual Bacon Fest event; anti-Sharia protests and Mike’s Twitter war on the subject; Saudi women being sent to jail for bullshit reasons; Dennis Rodman traveling to North Korea again, this time sponsored by a marijuana cybercurrency company; North Korea releasing prisoner Otto Warmbier, possibly through Rodman’s diplomatic efforts; “Batman” legend Adam West dying at 88 and details about his alleged life of sex and booze; Georgia Sheriff Jeffrey Mann receiving a suspension following investigation into his public masturbation case; the Tiger Woods DUI report stating that he had Vicodin and Xanax in his system; JP Morgan Chase pulling ads from Megyn Kelly’s show in the wake of uproar over Kelly interviewing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones; a dramatic video showing two unsuspecting dudes sitting in an eatery getting plowed into by an old bird who confused the gas and brake pedals of her car; and, email.

Here are videos we discussed in this episode:

Dennis Rodman singing “Happy Birthday” to Kim Jong Un.

The old lady plowing through the restaurant window.

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