The Detroit Cast – #836

Episode 836

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On today's show, we discussed Christopher Wray, Xavier Thomas, Roy Larner, Ahmad Musa Jabril, "Detroit Cast Day" in Houghton, Colleen Campbell, Shaun King, Harvard University, Jared Evans, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses: ¬†Christopher Wray being tapped to fill the open FBI director position; London Bridge terrorism victim Xavier Thomas being found in the River Thames; Millwall soccer fan Roy Larner trying to fight off the London terrorists; Ahmad Musa Jibril fleeing Dearborn, Michigan, after reports that his fanatical teachings inspired the London terrorists; a call to Houghton, Michigan, checking on “Detroit Cast Day” celebration preparations; Colleen Campbell being fired from her Philly news reporter gig after being filmed ranting against police and getting arrested; Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King boycotting the NFL based on his conclusion that Colin Kaepernick remaining unsigned evidences racism; Harvard University and other colleges celebrating diversity by holding separate commencement ceremonies; paramedic Jared Evans allegedly fondling a 19-year-old’s breast while she was suffering a seizure; the reading of post; and, email.

Here is the video of the Philly reporter’s interaction with police that we discussed.

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