The Detroit Cast – #835

Episode 835

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On today's show, we discussed MSU football, Hank Williams, Jr., Reality Winner, John Nuemann, Kelly Johnson, Bob Dylan, Josh Duggar, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses: ┬áthree MSU football players, Josh King, Donnie Corley, Jr., and Demetric Vance, being charged with sexual assault and dismissed from the football program; ESPN bringing back Hank Williams, Jr., to sing the “Monday Night Football” theme; Colin Kaepernick remaining on the NFL free agent market; government contractor Reality Winner being charged with leaking a secret NSA report on Russian election hacking; John Neumann going on a deadly rampage at the Orlando office of his former employer; Bill Maher surviving his N-word joke and remaining as host of “Real Time” on HBO; Kelly Johnson a former assistant to Bill Cosby testifying that Cosby forced her to swallow a pill and then assaulted her; Dr. Martin Tesher arrested after allegedly vastly over prescribing oxycodone pills from his Manhattan family medical practice; Megyn Kelly’s new NBC show barely beating out a “60 Minutes” rerun in the ratings; Bob Dylan delivering his Nobel lecture in conjunction with his recent Nobel Prize for Literature; Josh Duggar suing the Arkansas police for leaking details that served as the basis of a tabloid molestation story; a Chinese man getting his penoose stuck in a “tiny wrench,” requiring dentists to remove it; and, the reading of post.

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