The Detroit Cast – #781

Episode 781

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On today's show, we discussed St. Patty's Day, KaDogg, our "NAACP" bracket, young Northwestern fan, Shaquille O'Neal, Chuck Berry, R. Kelly, Nikki Sixx, the Ojibwa people, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses: our St. Patty’s Day shenanigans; KaDogg’s engagement party; the standings in the “NAACP” brackets; Shaquille O’Neal saying that the earth is flat; the passing of Charles Edward Anderson Berry, Sr., at 90 years of age, his sex tape, and toilet cameras; the disgusting nature of Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee’s bet to not shower; remembering R. Kelly pissing on minors; E doing comedy at Laff Tracks in Novi on March 25; Portland, Oregon trying to solve its homeless problem by placing vagrants in tiny houses; a series of White House fence jumpers; and email.

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