The Detroit Cast – #779

Episode 779

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On today's show, we discussed Rachel Maddow, Uber, Girl Scout cookies, sweater-wearing chickens, the University of Minnesota, McDonald's, James Bigby, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses: ┬áRachel Maddow and MSNBC obtaining Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return, showing that Trump paid millions in taxes that year; surveillance footage capturing the moment an Uber dude (and his passenger) went wailing through two gas pumps; video of an heroic rent-a-cop bank security guard taking out a would-be robber; a South Carolina woman stealing money from a Girl Scout selling cookies outside a Wal-Mart; a call with Barbara Widmayer about sweaters that she and her knitting group made for a group of cold chickens and a cock; the University of Minnesota changing its homecoming policy to include gender-neutral “Royals”; McDonald’s getting blasted for its Shamrock Shake ad that fails to appreciate the differences between various U.K. cultures; a Canadian college removing scales from its gym after complaints that their presence were a “trigger”; Texas executing James Bigby (finally); and, email.

Click HERE to see the Uber dude go wailing through two gas pumps.

Click HERE to see the old rent-a-cop poops take down the bank robber.



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