The Detroit Cast – #757

Episode 757

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On today's show, we discussed the Grammy Awards, Adele, Beyonce, Kim Jong Un, Leslie Ray Charping, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses: ┬áBig E’s first night on the driveway; the Grammy Awards, including the Metallica and Gaga mashup, Adele’s tribute to George Michael, Adele kissing Beyonce’s ass, and Bruno Mars’ tribute to Prince; Mike Masse appearing in a Google commercial during the Grammy Awards; an interview with formerly homeless man Greg Allen, who benefited from South Oakland Shelter programs; Kim Jong Un being a dick and launching a test missile while Presidents Trump and Abe were meeting over dinner; an obit for Leslie Ray Charping, apparently written by some pissed off family members; our website survey and whether “Hispanic” is a race; and, email.

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