The Detroit Cast – #636

Episode 636

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Demaryius Thomas, Karina Vetrano, Steve Miller's new book "Juggalo," Suge Knight, Valery Spiridonov, Pinky the flamingo, and more.

Episode Summary


The Detroit Cast discusses: the $400 million payment to Iran and the coincidental timing of Iran’s release of U.S. hostages; President Obama’s decision to commute hundreds of criminal sentences and whether drug crimes should carry such heavy penalties; Reince Priebus and other top Republicans losing patience with Donald Trump’s numerous gaffes; New Yorker Karina Vetrano being sexually assaulted and murdered while “jogging” alone; Steve Miller’s new book “Juggalo,” ICP, and the legal struggle concerning the FBI designating music fans a “gang”; Eminem body guard Big Naz claiming that Suge Knight wanted Eminem dead; Valery Spiridonov asking Dr. Sergio Canavero to use him forĀ the first head transplant, including application of Dr. Canavero’s “magic ingredient” to fuse the spinal cord, Anthony Carrao getting drunk and allegedly killing Busch Gardens’ star flamingo Pinky, Caesar the pit bullĀ getting the death sentence after killing other neighborhood pets; and, email.

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