The Detroit Cast – #1018

Episode 1018

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On today's show, we discussed Rex Tillerson, Dave & Chuck The Freak, Leslie Gibson, Elizabeth Warren, National Geographic, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  President Trump firing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson via Tweet and replacing him with CIA boss Mike Pompeo; the “Dave & Chuck The Freak Show” continuing to suck, and the death of radio in general; Eminem slamming the NRA at the iHeartRadio Awards; Maine House of Representatives candidate Leslie Gibson apologizing for calling Emma Gonzalez a “skinhead lesbian”; Senator Elizabeth Warren rejecting an opportunity to prove her claimed Native American heritage through a DNA test; the rarity of school shootings and questioning whether fear should drive policy; National Geographic editors acknowledging past racist coverage and promising a more diverse staff and stories; and, email.

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