The Detroit Cast – #1013

Episode 1013

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On today's show, we interviewed actor Martin Starr and discussed Terry Bryant, Andrienne Lawrence, Sam Nunberg, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  Terry Bryant allegedly stealing Frances McDormand’s Best Actress award during a post-Oscars party; Piers Morgan offering a 10-point plan to save the Oscars; Adrienne Lawrence filing a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit against ESPN, producers, and on-air talent; Jemele Hill denying Lawrence’s claim that Chris Berman once left Hill a racist voicemail; a call with actor Martin Starr about his role as Bertram Gilfoyle on “Silicon Valley” as the series is poised to begin its 5th season; former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg publicly melting down over a Russia-collusion grand jury subpoena; Patricia Wilson suing a Tennessee cop, claiming he inappropriately frisked her and then stalked her later the same day; and, email.

Here is the dashcam video of Patricia Wilson patdown

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