The Detroit Cast – #1010

Episode 1010

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On today's show, we discussed Hope Hicks, Chris Pratt, Eugene Grant, Robert Kraft, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  Hope Hicks resigning from her White House communications position one day after testifying in conjunction with the Russia-collusion investigation; President Trump meeting with lawmakers about gun policy on live TV; Chris Pratt taking major shit on Twitter after offering prayers for Kevin Smith’s recovery; dwarf Eugene Grant offering guidelines on how to refer to and treat dwarfs/midgets/fidgets/etc.; a call with “Dr. T” about some gross trauma patients and absurd medical emergencies; New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s mistress birthing a kid that isn’t his but, regardless, will share in his billions; former Houston Gamblers and Buffalo Bills QB Jim Kelly suffering through a relapse of oral cancer; and, email.

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