The Detroit Cast – #1009

Episode 1009

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On today's show, we interviewed author Michele Rigby Assad and discussed David Hogg, Jimmy Kimmel, Gary Alan Coe, and more.

Episode Summary

The Detroit Cast discusses:  the NFL Competition Committee concluding that famously judged incomplete passes to Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant were actually catches and signaling implementation of simpler catch rules; students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School returning to classes two weeks after the deadly shooting; Jimmy Kimmel explaining that he won’t be joking about #MeToo at the Oscars, but Trump jokes are on the table; Gary Alan Coe a/k/a “Gary from Chicago” revealing how his 2017 Oscar fame further ruined his life; tickets for the “Russian Five” documentary going on sale and D Mac labeling Jay “hard off the glass all day long”; a call with Michele Rigby Assad about her book “Breaking Cover: My Secret Life In the CIA And What It Taught Me About What’s Worth Fighting For,” detailing her work as a CIA operative in the war-torn Middle East and her efforts to evacuate Iraqi Christian refugees displaced by ISIS; “This Day In History With Big E” — M.A.S.H. finale edition; and, email.

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