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The Detroit Cast - Episode 441
On today's show we discuss Spencer Stone getting stabbed (again), Don Sterling, Ben Carson's robbery comments, Halloween costumes, the Mac & Cheese kid getting expelled, that chatterbox Jaxon Buell, a kidnapping escape, a vain mom, an unfortunate end to a lottery scam, and email.

Episode 440 October 8, 2015

On today's show we discuss Ben Carson's comments on the Oregon shooter, Jim Carrey's girlfriend's suicide, online dating suggestions, cancelling the high school dance, a call back to the mustache mom, hypnotizing kids, teacher sex coverups, shooting down a drone, a MMA shitter, penguin sense of smell, a kid flushing the rent, and email.

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Episode 439 October 7, 2015

On today's show we discuss how the Lions are doomed, how we're all doomed, jalapeno mac and cheese, chronic sneezing, the Ronnie Pickering call, ISIS's Toyota collection, Burger King poop, Jalen Rose's Fab Five book, winning the Powerball, Dan Maurer's 80-pound scrotum, and email.

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Episode 438 October 6, 2015

On today's show we discuss more details on the Oregon shooting, an accidental inferno, a found toddler, the half-skull baby, a really big-ass baby, disability fakers, cops beating lady, CC Sabathia, a kinky priest, moon pics, email, and a kid shooting.

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Episode 437 October 5, 2015

On today's show we discuss K-Dogg forgetting his movie, a lot of rain in South Carolina, Oregon shooter details, an airline bomb threat, an unfortunate Afghan airstrike, and email.

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