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The Detroit Cast - Episode 418
On today's show we discuss the Gilbert Flores shooting, the Freddie Gray legal proceedings, a mom pulling her gun on teens, a gun selfie, the Kentucky clerk refusing gay marriage licenses, racism charges against Taylor Swift, Superfly Snuka finally being criminally charged, Kermit dating, a preschool fight club, sexual favors offered to cops, and email.

Episode 417 September 2, 2015

On today's show we discuss the manhunt for Charles Gliniewicz's killers, cops shooting Gilbert Flores, the world's ugliest woman, a high school tranny, Daniele Watts being sentenced, Pope Francis forgiving abortion, the black lives matter chant, slave Tetris, a one-night-stand hoax, and email.

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Episode 416 September 1, 2015

On today's show we discuss Jay's Lawn Guy, VMA garbage, Bono's riches, Trump's faith, reaction to Hillary's "terrorist" comments, updates regarding the stolen corpse, details about the Houston gunman, Vester Flanagan's background, Wes Craven's death, A-Rod's comments regarding his dead heckler, Hulk Hogan on GMA, and email.

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Episode 415 August 31, 2015

On today's show we discuss Cedar Point, Mike's marionette experience, the Darren Goforth murder, the Alison Parker and Adam Ward killings, Gregory Murrey falling to his death, a PTA letter, Doug Stanhope's charity bit, Josh Duggar in rehab, Michael Fine - hypnotizing attorney, poor Markus Persson, Chrissie Hynde's rape, and email.

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Episode 414 August 28, 2015

On today's show we discuss the TV reporter murder, the rainbow/hate flag, the charges against rentboy CEO , the prep school rape trial, a really tardy teacher, Ashley Madison stats, a recent Quinnipiac poll, and email.

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