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The Detroit Cast - Episode 395
On today's show we discuss the Baltimore murder rate, a Memphis cop murder, Ferguson spuring changes, a prisoner's eyeball, the Lego outrage, Cecil's psychic, ask E, and email.

Episode 394 July 31, 2015

On today's show we discuss the Wolters ambush, Cinci cop update, the proops-killing dentist, a disabled lingerie photo shoot, shitty airplane parents, the Morrissey grope, an old lady driver, really bad allergies, Tiger trades, Red Sox vomit, and email.

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Episode 393 July 30, 2015

On today's show we discuss the Cincinnati cop being charged, Trump calling breast feeding lawyer "disgusting," Malaysia Air parts being found, REALLY bad sunburns, a mosquito bite from hell, the unfortunate demise of phuke face, Facebook names, unfortunate drunk driving stories, and email.

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Episode 392 July 29, 2015

On today's show we discuss Trump rape comments, a prison escapee plea, Bland jail footage, more escalator details, an undercover cop going ham, don't feed the suspects, misogynistic Glamour advice, an asshole hunter, Arenas at the fair, and email.

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Episode 391 July 28, 2015

On today's show we discuss the Trump independent paranoia, a prostitute killing possible serial killer, Cosby accusers in New York Magazine, an escalator tragedy, pretty aspirations, Bruce Jenner, the missing fisher boys, a gay valedictorian, semen/behavior, a Top Gun molester, and email.

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